Stephen Colbert to Air Live During RNC and DNC Conventions

Stephen Colbert Gun Control Rap H 2016

Stephen Colbert Gun Control Rap H 2016

Stephen Colbert is going all out for this summer's big political conventions. The host of CBS' The Late Show will pull a rare late-night move and tape live shows for two weeks surrounding the Democratic and Republican events.

The network announced Wednesday that the late-night talk show will air live Monday, July 18, through Thursday, July 21, and again Monday, July 25, through Thursday, July 28. Colbert himself will stay put in the Late Show's Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, but the show will have an on-site presence at both of the conventions.

Neither of Colbert's direct competitors, NBC's Jimmy Fallon or ABC's Jimmy Kimmel, are going to such lengths during the conventions — but neither of those shows skew quite as politically in their programming choices. Colbert brought some political sensibility from his days on Comedy Central's Colbert Report, and he could certainly use an attention boost. His ratings, while reasonably steady, have not made him a particularly competitive force in the crowded late-night race.


There's certainly no shortage of interest around this year's conventions. While previous years have seen the events drum up less and less interest from broadcasters, the emergence of Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and Bernie Sanders' perseverance in the Democratic race make both parties' events much more compelling than the recent past.

CBS plans to announce more information about the episodes in the run-up to the conventions.