Stephen Colbert Brainstorms TV-Friendly Genitalia Names for Samantha Bee's Late-Night Show

Because Colbert so often referenced his own parts for punchlines. ... So, the Chamber of Secrets or the Department of the Interior?
Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert

Late-night has been a man's game, and host Stephen Colbert has apparently done his part in referencing genitalia in punchlines since taking over The Late Show.

Samantha Bee, who will soon become the only female late-night host, pointed out the tendency during Thursday night's episode. So therefore, her fellow Daily Show alum helped her brainstorm a few lady-related references to use for the debut of her TBS show, Full Frontal.

Of course, the mentions of her genitalia must be TV-friendly, so the two came up with euphemisms such as the Department of the Interior, the Chamber of Secrets, the Hurt Locker and the Canyon of Heroes.

They even came up with a personalized idea: Sam’s Club.

Watch the video below.