Stephen Colbert Brainstorms TV-Friendly Genitalia Names for Samantha Bee's Late-Night Show

Samantha Bee on Colbert Screen shot- H 2016
Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Late-night has been a man's game, and host Stephen Colbert has apparently done his part in referencing genitalia in punchlines since taking over The Late Show.

Samantha Bee, who will soon become the only female late-night host, pointed out the tendency during Thursday night's episode. So therefore, her fellow Daily Show alum helped her brainstorm a few lady-related references to use for the debut of her TBS show, Full Frontal.

Of course, the mentions of her genitalia must be TV-friendly, so the two came up with euphemisms such as the Department of the Interior, the Chamber of Secrets, the Hurt Locker and the Canyon of Heroes.

They even came up with a personalized idea: Sam’s Club.

Watch the video below.