Stephen Colbert Brings Back 'Colbert Report' Persona for Convention 'Late Show'

Colbert RNC live grab - H

Stephen Colbert brought back Dr. Stephen T. Colbert from The Colbert Report for the first time on The Late Show on Monday night.

The bit also included an assist from Jon Stewart to kickoff Colbert's live coverage of the GOP convention.

The show will broadcast live on all four nights of the RNC and the DNC.

Monday's episode opened with a song-and-dance number that included a bit from Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena, otherwise known as The Q. 

Monday's sketch saw Dr. Stephen with Stewart holed up in a cabin in the woods. In the bit, called "Trumpiness" (the next generation iteration of "truthiness"), Colbert's character puts into context what to expect at the Donald Trump-headlined Republican convention in Cleveland. 

In persona as his Colbert Report character, Colbert sat down at the Late Show desk to explain tonight's word. "Hello nation," he said with an arched eyebrow. "Did you miss me? I know I did."

He looked around at the Late Show set and mumbled: "Wow, look at this place. The host must have quite an ego." And began to instruct the audience on "Trumpiness."

"A lot of people are wondering how America, God’s girlfriend, ended up with this guy," he said, pointing to a picture of a snarling Trump. "This is just the brave new world of American democracy. Truthiness comes from the gut because brains are overrated. 

"I admire this man," continued Colbert. "I see myself in him. We’re both over-the-top TV personalities that decided to run for president. I’m humble enough to admit he has surpassed me now. Truthiness has to feel true. But Trumpiness doesn’t even have to do that."

"If you can feel the wall, you don’t have to see the wall," he said.

During Colbert’s opening monologue, he explained that the coverage is live “because I want to be the very first one to announce the moment America became great again.”

Showing highlights from the first evening in Cleveland — which featured speeches by Willie Robertson, Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr., as well as Rudy Giuliani and Melania Trump — Colbert called out Trump’s dramatic entrance and usage of Queen’s “We Are the Champions" — Trump promising to "restore American values" by using the music of a "gay bisexual Englishman." And he likened the GOP presumptive nominee's early appearance at the convention — typically candidates wait until the latter half of the convention to show up — to a "bride not only being seen on her wedding day, but also jumping out of her cake at the bachelorette party."


Stewart is confirmed to participate in Colbert's Late Show live episodes from the Republican National Convention. Colbert will also air his show live from the Democratic National Convention next week on CBS.

Elizabeth Warren, John Oliver, Jeff Daniels, Keegan-Michael Key and former U.S. congressman Anthony Weiner are scheduled to make appearances on the upcoming live shows. Colbert has named his convention coverage "The 2016 Democratic National Convincing, A Technically Historic Event: Death. Taxes. Hillary," and "The 2016 Trumpublican Donational Conventrump."