Stephen Colbert Returns as Tuck Buckford Following Alex Jones' Ban From Apple, Facebook

Stephen Colbert brought back his Alex Jones-inspired character Tuck Buckford on Tuesday'sepisode of The Late Show.

"There was some bad news recently for extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist and bath salt spokesmodel Alex Jones cause it looks like his website InfoWars just lost their war on info," explained Colbert.

Tech platforms including Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify removed the far-right radio host's content from their services Sunday (Aug. 5). Apple was the first platform to remove Jones' podcasts, stating that the company "does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users."

Twitter has decided not to ban Jones' content from the social media platform. "He hasn't violated our policies," said Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the decision to keep his account active.

"Now if you want to see one of Jones' signature rants, you'll have to be in the next booth at Ruby Tuesday's when he sees a mother breastfeeding," continued Colbert.

He went on to explain that Jones has been spreading "vile" conspiracy theories that have hurt real people and even threatened Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller on his show.

"He's not the only one losing his platforms. There's a similar struggle happening for my colleague conspiracy radio broadcaster Tuck Buckford, the host of BrainFight," said Colbert introducing his Alex Jones-inspired character.

The segment opens with Buckford explaining that he believes Hotel Transylvania 3 was used to bottle the laughter of children and use it to sell to the deep state illuminati as disinfectant.

"Let's talk about the elephant in the room. The martyrdom of old Tuck Buckford at the hands of Silicon Valley's snow boys and soy flakes," he said. After listing all of the platforms that have discontinued his content, he said, "But I am still broadcasting from the nation's last bastion of free speech. The in-house web player of the homepage for Haterade, the knockoff sports drink for athletic Klansmen."

Buckford said that because he has lost his many platforms for sharing content, he will next be accused of not paying child support. "President Trump, I need you to do the right thing, all right?" he said. "Help Tuck. Venmo me 50 bucks or China will win the midterms."

The character then announced his new platform, BrainFight HiveMind. "My exclusive service where I personally scream my message into a swarm of angry bees. The bees will then be released to sting my words directly into your bloodstream," he said. Buckford explained that the bees distill his messages into honey, which he uses "as a shield to keep the squid men who run the Saudi government from accessing my thoughts." He ended the thought by pouring honey all over his head before a swarm of bees began to hover around him.

"This message is brought to you by Squarespace. Not the website company. I'm talking about the perfect soundproof cube for you to sit inside and scream until your throat bleeds," Buckford concluded.

Colbert previously brought out the character on The Late Show in December 2017 after Jones argued that the CIA was using Amazon's Alexa to spy on homeowners.

While speaking at Vulture Festival in May 2017, Colbert explained why he enjoys doing the Buckford bits now. "I love doing Tuck because he's so easy to improvise. He just seems so natural," he said. "And I said, 'I think Tuck Buckford is to my old character [on The Colbert Report] as Alex Jones is to Bill O'Reilly as Donald Trump is to George W. Bush.' There's a complete decadence of purpose beyond self-gratification."