Stephen Colbert Congratulates Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, Debuts 'Tonight Show' Selfie (Video)

The Comedy Central host welcomed Fallon to the "brotherhood" of 11:30 shows and recalled his guest appearance from the night before.
Comedy Central
"The Colbert Report"

The Colbert Report was a rerun on Monday, but Stephen Colbert still made an appearance on late night, showing up on the first night of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show as the last of a series of stars who bet Fallon $100 that he'd never host the legendary program.

But while others just gave Fallon some cash, Colbert dumped coins all over Fallon and his desk and then took a selfie before shouting, "Welcome to 11:30, bitch!"

On Tuesday's Colbert Report, the host continued congratulating his NBC competition and debuted the infamous selfie.

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"Ladies and gentlemen, before we begin, I want to begin by welcoming my friend Jimmy Fallon to the 11:30 time slot," Colbert said, "and the brotherhood of shows that includes me, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and the repeat of Shahs of Sunset on Bravo. We all get together on weekends and Reza braids Dave's hair."

Colbert then urged viewers to be sure to watch Fallon's show -- on Fridays, when The Colbert Report is coincidentally off.

He also reminisced about his appearance on Monday's Tonight Show, debuting the actual selfie that he took during the taping, which he also tweeted Tuesday night.

"Jimmy was so happy I was there," Colbert said of the photo in which Fallon is seen rolling his eyes. "There's Jimmy, thanking God that I'm there."

"So congratulations, Jimmy, welcome to 11:30," Colbert added. "I'm sure it's a relief to escape the barren … 12:30 death slot."

With that, Colbert congratulated Fallon's 12:30 replacement, Seth Meyers, who starts his edition of Late Night on Monday.

"You're gonna be great," Colbert said.

Watch the full clip from The Colbert Report below.