Stephen Colbert Counters Anderson Cooper's Laugh Attack With New Toilet Puns (Video)

"Well, Anderson, if Depard-two tickled your funny bone, I'm about to slit your jocular vein," said the host.
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Stephen Colbert was probably feeling a little jealous when “rival” Anderson Cooper’s laughing fit video became an instant sensation.

“I have always been intimidated by Anderson Cooper’s legendary composure under pressure, but I think we have finally found Anderson’s weakness,” Colbert said.

VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Loses It During Gerard Depardieu Segment

In response, Colbert, who calls Cooper a “CNN wood elf,” went on The Colbert Report Thursday night, and brought his own toilet humor to the table.

“We have found Anderson Cooper’s kryptonite – celebrity poop puns,” said Colbert. "Well, Anderson, if Depard-two tickled your funny bone, I'm about to slit your jocular vein."

Colbert then goes on a poop pun-filled rampage, including “Dame Doody Stench" (Dame Judi Dench), “L.L. Stool J,” and “Camilla Parker Bowels” (Camilla Parker Bowles). He does his best imitation of Cooper’s laughter breakdown before scolding “Anderson Pooper” on being unprofessional.

STORY: Anderson Cooper Calls His Laughter About Gerard Depardieu Incident 'Embarrassing'

CNN’s Cooper was hit by an uncontrollable bout of laughter while presenting the “RidicuList” segment on actor Gerard Depardieu’s incident on a plane. Depardieu was reportedly told he could not use the restroom for 15 minutes until the plane was in flight. Instead, Depardieu urinated in the middle of a plane full of passengers.

The segment on CNN was full of urination puns, which sparked an attack of the giggles in the usually well-composed host. Thursday night, Cooper added himself to the “RidicuList” after the now-infamous laugh attack.

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