Stephen Colbert Debuts "Uninformed Correspondent" for Midterm Elections

Uninformed Correspondent Stephen Colbert - Screenshot - H 2018

As the midterm elections approach, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert has determined a unique way to cover them — by enlisting a so-called "uninformed voter" to be his correspondent.

On Friday, the late-night host debuted The Late Show's "Uninformed Correspondent," Robin "Bootsie" Plunkett, mother of Late Show producer Jake Plunkett, and sent her to Staten Island to interview Democratic Congressional candidate Max Rose, who is running for New York's 11th district.

So-called "uninformed voters" do not watch the news or generally know what is going on in Washington, Colbert explained at the beginning of his second monologue. "They suffer from a rare condition known as happiness," he joked.

Bootsie had no previous television experience, and as she took a bus with her son Jake to the Staten Island Ferry, he asked her to speak in full sentences ("full sound bytes") and without an accent while on-camera. "I'm not speaking with a freaking accent, I'm not talking British," she replied, before launching into an accent that did not sound remotely British. She also practiced using her microphone by singing the Five Stairsteps' "O-o-h Child."

When asked if the reason she didn't like President Donald Trump was due to his tweets, she responded, "I don't go on Twit."

When she arrived at the Rose fundraiser, Bootsie asked an attendee about the North Korean president, whom she called "Jim Soo-sung." When told the North Korean president's real name was Kim Jong-un, she joked, "I murdered the English language. But I know what I'm trying to say."

When it was her turn to talk to Rose on-camera, Bootsie's first question was: "Why does Mitch McConnell's face always look like it's melting?" Rose then turned the question to McConnell's handling of taxpayer dollars. The segment ended with Bootsie complaining about the rising cost of her groceries, and she and Rose singing "O-o-h Child" together.