Stephen Colbert Enlists 'Magic School Bus' to Examine Trump's Health

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Magic School Bus Skit - Screenshot - H 2018

Ms. Frizzle is ready for another adventure with her Magic School Bus, as she takes her students into the president's body to examine whether his health is truly "excellent," as reported by White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, for a segment on CBS' The Late Show.

Entering through Trump's mouth and following a trail of Cheetos, the students are shocked to learn how "cavernous" and "scary" the president's body appears.

"Where are his brains?" the student asks, only for their teacher to joke, "Nobody knows." When the students travel to his stomach, they question whether they are floating in "stomach acid," only to later learn that the acid is Diet Coke.

"Look! There's a half-eaten Mc-DLT in here, and they stopped making those in 1990," one of the students says. As they travel through Trump's bloodstream, the students notice they are being "attacked by his white blood cells" that are "wearing hoods," symbolizing members of the KKK.

Desperate to escape his body, Mr. Frizzle informs her students that there is only one way out. "Remember the word Trump used to describe Haiti? That's our emergency exit," the teacher jokingly says.