Stephen Colbert Freaks Out Over Bill O'Reilly's Gay Marriage Reversal (Video)

The Colbert Report Bill O'Reilly and Goat - H 2013
Comedy Central

The Colbert Report Bill O'Reilly and Goat - H 2013

First the American electorate abandoned Stephen Colbert; now, he's even lost his Papa Bear -- a man he thought was "a life partner."

On Wednesday, the Comedy Central host, who appeared haggard and "drunk" in a bathrobe on his show the night following President Barack Obama's re-election, decried the major shift made by Bill O'Reilly on gay marriage. O'Reilly said Tuesday that with regard to same-sex marriage, "The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals" and that "the other side hasn’t been able to do anything but thump the Bible."

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The Fox newsman added that he had no strong feelings on the issue and felt the federal government should not legislate on the marriage.

As Colbert noted, it was a major shift for the conservative stalwart, who had been openly -- and mockingly -- opposed to marriage equality. It also seemed to reverse the slam O'Reilly made on former President Bill Clinton for his decision to back gay marriage: He called Clinton, who in 1996 signed the Defense of Marriage Act, a phony.

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