Stephen Colbert Edits Opening Credits to Reflect Gwen Stefani's Emmys Name Flub

Colbore Colbert Report - H 2014
Comedy Central

Colbore Colbert Report - H 2014

Gwen Stefani is an opening-credit game-changer — at least, for Stephen Colbert.

The No Doubt frontwoman unfortunately mangled the name of the Comedy Central program at Monday night's Emmy Awards. While presenting the variety series award with fellow Voice coach Adam Levine, she announced the winner as something closer to "The Colbore Report," which Levine quickly tried to correct.


The incoming Late Show host offered a lighthearted response to reporters about the gaffe while backstage, warning of an upcoming parody. "I think I might just change my name to Colborg," he said, flubbing the flub itself. "I am the Colborg — resistance is futile. Oh, you will be absorbed."

And as promised, Tuesday night's episode of The Colbert Report included an edited opening credits that featured the word "Colbore." Look for the new addition among the sequence's usual patriotic words in the video below:


Later on in the Comedy Central lineup, Stefani poked fun at her own mistake. While appearing on the series finale of Chelsea Lately — alongside Alanis Morissette, Gerard Butler, Tim Gunn, T.J. Miller, Josh Gad, Dave Grohl, Kevin Nealon and Tim Allen — she kicked off a sing-along by announcing host Chelsea Handler as "Chelsea Hammer," which drew laughs from the clued-in audience. "Goodbye to E! It's time to move on," they sang. "She wants to sing. She wants to dance and get her groove on."


Stefani's mispronunciation wasn't even the weirdest part of Colbert's variety series win — Jimmy Fallon ran onstage to accept the accolade (reminiscent of the Kanye West-Taylor Swift incident at 2009's VMAs). "She said it wrong, so there must be a mistake!" he said before continuing to make a speech on Colbert's behalf. Colbert went along with the bit and whispered his thanks into Fallon's ear, telling him to thank the host's family and refer to IMDb for the full list of people he'd thank.

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