Stephen Colbert Heads to Russia for 'Late Show' Broadcast

The late-night host tweeted a photo of himself on location Thursday.
Timothy Kuratek

Stephen Colbert has entered international waters.

The Late Show host is in Russia on assignment for a future broadcast of his CBS late-night series, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The Late Show is in repeats Thursday and Friday, no doubt coinciding with his trip. Colbert is due to return to the Late Show desk for a new episode Monday.

Colbert tweeted photo of himself in the country Thursday in response to a tweet by President Donald Trump in which the president acknowledged he did not have any tapes on ousted FBI director James Comey as he had previously seemed to hint at.

Colbert is the latest of several TV personalities to head to Russia in recent months. Megyn Kelly traveled there earlier in June for an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin for her new NBC newsmagazine show. Russia has been under scrutiny in recent months for its alleged connections to the president and specifically the allegations that Russia somehow tampered with the results of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 

John Oliver traveled to Russia prior to Trump's election victory, in 2015, to interview NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

This isn't the first time Colbert has traveled for The Late Show. He did a week of live episodes from Philadelphia and Cleveland for the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in 2016. Colbert has increasingly leaned in to more political coverage, which he used to cover aggressively on his former Comedy Central show The Colbert Report and before that on The Daily Show. He did a live special for Showtime the night of the election and also did a live broadcast of The Late Show on the day of Trump's inauguration. 

Travel has become a bigger trend across the late-night board. James Corden traveled to his native London earlier this month; Seth Meyers did a week of Late Night from Washington, D.C., in 2016; Andy Cohen recently filmed a series of Watch What Happens Live episodes from Los Angeles; and Jimmy Kimmel has filmed several weeks of shows from Brooklyn during his ABC tenure. However, no one has more passport stamps than Conan O'Brien, who has filmed his TBS show in Cuba, Armenia and Berlin, among many other locations.