Stephen Colbert 'Incredibly Sorry' For Teaching People About Campaign Financing (Video)

The Comedy Central host vows to "work harder at informing you less" after a report showed that viewers of his show were better informed about money in politics than those who consulted other news sources.
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Stephen Colbert has responded to the news that his show better informed people about campaign financing than other news sources -- and he's truly sorry.

"I have been ranked the most informative of all American news organizations, and I am incredibly sorry because when we first began this show, I promised to feel the news at you from my gut," the Comedy Central host said on Wednesday night's Colbert Report. "That's why I yank everything I say directly out of my ass, because it's the shortest distance between my gut and you. I never intended to be an educator. What's next? Getting paid like one?"

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Colbert shuddered at the thought of having to drive a "domestic automobile."

Indeed, by informing viewers so well about money in politics through the creation and modification of his super PAC and 501(c)(4), Colbert said he let his audience down.

"Clearly, I must work harder at informing you less. To do that, I humbly bow myself before the masters," he said before cutting to a montage of light news segments.

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"The bar of lowness has been set very high," the host added.

Colbert also joked about the million dollars he raised through his super PAC, which he was then able to "spend in secret," he said, popping open a bottle of Champagne and drinking a few drops before throwing the bottle away.

Watch the full Colbert Report segment below.

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