Stephen Colbert Interviews Cartoon Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert Cartoon Trump - H 2016

Instead of inviting the real Donald Trump on The Late Show on Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert sat down with a cartoon version of the GOP candidate to talk about his recent Twitter feuds, his campaign manager and his controversial rhetoric. 

Colbert said he may have invited Trump on the show (he didn't), "but he was busy being on every other show on television." 

First, Colbert asked "Mr. Cartoon Trump" how he responded to Anderson Cooper comparing the candidate to a 5-year-old at this week's CNN Town Hall. 

Cooper had pressed him on Tuesday about the GOP candidate's feud with Ted Cruz over their wives, to which Trump responded: "I didn't start it." Cooper called Trump's response something a child would use as reasoning. Colbert introduced the segment agreeing that Trump was acting like a 5-year-old, but "that's why people like him! He's uncomplicated." 

"Plus I think he's turned into a cartoonish version of himself at this point," so Colbert invited a "slightly less cartoonish version," a two-dimensional cartoon Donald Trump. 

"Anderson Cooper's a dumb dumb," cartoon Trump told Colbert. "He's a stupid-head, a total poopy-pants. It's sad."

When Colbert told him that his response was "a little immature," cartoon Trump responded: "I know you are, but what am I? Stephen, I am rubber, you're glue, I have a lawyer and I will sue." 

When Colbert argued that he had seen the tape and it looked to him that his campaign manager "grabbed a reporter roughly," cartoon Trump countered, "No, he didn't infinity. That settles it, it totally settles it. I settled it in the best possible way ever." 

In the end, cartoon Trump gave in a little bit. "Maybe he did it, but she started it."