Stewart, Ferguson Congratulate Stephen Colbert on 'Late Show' Gig (Video)

Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers and Arsenio Hall also shared on-air tributes to David Letterman's replacement.
Comedy Central

Stephen Colbert's old The Daily Show boss was among the late night hosts congratulating the comedian on being named David Letterman's successor.

“You may remember a few years back, there was a gentleman on this program by the name of Stephen Colbert," Jon Stewart said on Thursday's Daily Show. “Skin like porcelain, a very talented actor, writer, dancer, improvisational comedian. We would occasionally send him out into the field, usually with some type of fruit and we would see where the day took us.”

Stewart showed a vintage clip of Colbert reporting on an alleged gay experience involving Prince Charles. He used a banana in a creative way during the report.

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"Truly one of great pleasures of doing this show has been trying to maintain professional composure while Mr. Colbert is making me laugh uncontrollably, "Stewart said. "Our good friend Stephen Colbert will be heading to CBS to take over The Late Show from, for at least me, the comedian broadcaster who is the best there ever was, David Letterman. And I think -- here is the exciting thing for me, I think Stephen Colbert is up for the challenge. So while we wish Dave the absolute best for a well-earned retirement, there’s no greater joy for seeing a genuinely good man who works as hard as he can every day and deserves all the success in the world actually get that success."

On CBS, The Late Late Show's Craig Ferguson also congratulated Colbert, who will take over he spot Ferguson has followed since 2005.

"First of all, before we begin tonight, may I congratulate the lovely Stephen Colbert on getting The Late Show?" Ferguson said Thursday. "Isn’t that lovely? Congratulations, Stephen! A fine addition to the CBS cavalcade of stars."

On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon joked, "I have a big announcement: Starting in 2015, I will be the new host of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central!"

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Fallon added of Colbert: "He's very funny. He's a good friend. Now, a lot of people in the media are already talking about there being a new late night war -- and I just want to say there's not going to be any war. It'll be a dance off. A late-night dance off! Get ready, Stephen."

Later on NBC, Seth Meyers said "Stephen is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and if you've ever watched his show, I don't have to tell you he's one of the funniest and smartest as well. He's the perfect replacement."

Arsenio Hall marked the occasion by doctoring together a tape of one of Hall's appearances on Late Show to make it sound like Letterman wanted the Arsenio Hall Show host to take over for him.

“Stephen Colbert is a wonderful, talented guy, who will do a great job.  But, Stephen, don’t you be weird about being Dave’s second choice," Hall added.

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Colbert also addressed the news on The Colbert Report.

"Dave has been on the air my entire adult life. Late Night debuted my first night in college," Colbert said. "I learned more from watching Dave than going to my classes, especially the ones I did not go to because I stayed up till 1:30 watching Dave."

Late night hosts also shared their congratulations on Twitter. Time slot competitor Fallon joked that Colbert would have to change his name to Jimmy to fit in, while Jimmy Kimmel went the sincere route.

Meyers and Ferguson also welcomed him to the network late night game, while Hall hinted at the joke he would later reveal on his show.

Letterman announced on April 2 that he would give up his Late Show desk at some point in 2015. Comedy Central says The Colbert Report will air its final episode at the end of the year.