Stephen Colbert Mocks Tucker Carlson's "Sex-Crazed" Pandas Segment

On Monday, most news programs dedicated airtime to the FBI's raid of the office of Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen — the exception being Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who instead ran a segment on "sex-crazed" pandas. The report seemed to spark a bout of deja vu for Stephen Colbert, though.

"Thank God Tucker is covering what historians will call the ‘panda-monium,'" Colbert said on Tuesday's Late Show, before breaking down Carson's "complicated" segment, which implied that pandas would annihilate the human race if they weren't so busy having sex 40 times a day. 

"The segment was insane!" Colbert said. "How do I know? It is literally something I did on my old show, The Colbert Report, when I played an insane person." 

Colbert played a 2011 clip from the Comedy Central show as evidence, where he can be seen ranting about the dangers of pandas. "For too long, our mortal enemies the Chinese have been using pandas’ cuteness to infiltrate our hearts," Colbert says in the clip. "Never forget they are panda BEARS, godless killing machines."

"Tucker Carlson stole my bit!" Colbert said. "And not just the panda thing. He also stole looking incredibly stupid while wearing an ill-fitting suit."