Stephen Colbert and Piers Morgan Replay the Revolutionary War in Gun Debate (Video)

The Colbert Report Piers Morgan - H 2012
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The Colbert Report Piers Morgan - H 2012

To Stephen Colbert, there is no one with a more loathsome one-two punch than Piers Morgan, British gun control advocate. And so his message was simple on Monday night: "Get the f--- out of here!"

Morgan, the CNN host and a major voice in the call for gun control laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting in December, guested on Colbert's show and took the requisite ribbing, which included teasing over the results of the Revolutionary War (330+ years in, that one still stings) and his home country's Queen.

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But he made a pretty clear case, too, saying, "In my country, where we have no guns, we have 35-40 gun murders a year; in your country, where you have 300 million guns, you have 11-12,000 gun murders a year. I think when 20 young children get blown to pieces, American should say something has to be done."

Colbert retorted, "We need to take time to reflect, and eventually forget, and then I think we won't have such a heated debate," a mocking wink at those accusing the calls for gun control of "politicizing" tragedy.

Morgan made headlines last week when he hosted Alex Jones, a gun-rights advocate who started a petition to deport Morgan; Jones practically foamed at the mouth when the host proposed gun control.

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