Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Over-the-Top Sweeps Programming

The host said of 'GMA's' "Survival Week" segments, including wrestling with a bear: "That is news you can use!"
'The Colbert Report'

It's sweeps time, and Stephen Colbert is pulling out all the stops, even making nice with his longtime nemesis: bears.

On Monday night's Colbert Report, the host poked fun at sweeps-specific attempts to boost ratings, including, as Colbert put it, "cheap publicity stunts" like "rectal exams" and "lesbian kisses."

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Yet “when it comes to blowing it out for ratings, no one blows harder than Good Morning America," said Colbert, deconstructing its newly established "Survival Week" with segments like correspondent Matt Gutman narrating a wrestling session with a grizzly bear: "That is news you can use!"

Colbert then launched into his own sweeps-friendly onscreen gimmick, which even included him getting romantic with a bear, a creature he's often called America's No. 1 threat.

Watch the video below.

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