Stephen Colbert Premieres 'Breaking Abbey' (Video)

Like a Rock

House butler Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) may be embarrassed of his past as a traveling showman -- but he takes great pride in keeping the gears of Downton Abbey running smoothly.

The news that Michelle Obama was able to get her hands on the upcoming season of Downton Abbey before anyone else so irked Stephen Colbert that the Comedy Central host debuted a series that even the First Lady hasn't seen yet: Breaking Abbey.

Or, "Breaking Bad as performed by the men of Downton Abbey," declared Colbert, introducing a clip of the spoof on Thursday's edition of The Colbert Report.

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Fans of the Emmy-winning PBS series -- season three premieres Jan. 6 -- will see Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter and Rob James-Collier in new circumstances, cooking meth and spouting lines such as: "Soon Downton will be kicking it with mad bitches and benjamins."

There's no cameo by Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston -- but Mark Consuelos, sporting an unflattering set of fake yellow teeth, does pop up in a key scene.

Earlier this week, Bonneville -- who plays the Grantham family’s father/clan leader -- appeared to tease Breaking Abbey at a THR-sponsored party for the British import's third season, joking: "It's Breaking Bad with tea instead of meth." 

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