Stephen Colbert Reimagines 'Full House' as Cop Drama

'The Late Show' introduced the next iteration of the family comedy: 'Full House Nights.'
John Stamos, Stephen Colbert

Full House has already been rebooted as Fuller House, and Netflix renewed Fuller House for a second season as of this Wednesday. But that's not nearly enough for Full House superfan Stephen Colbert. 

On Wednesday's Late Show, Colbert introduced his idea for the next iteration of the '90s family show: Full House Nights, a cop drama complete with a new theme song. Colbert teased the sketch on Twitter on Wednesday, trying to appeal to Netflix to pick up his faux reboot, tweeting "Just saying, if you’re looking for the house to get even fullerer, have your people call our people." 

In the cop show, Colbert is cast as the bad guy, Demetri, who sits in the precinct waiting for three cops to come interrogate him: Dave Coulier, Bob Saget and John Stamos, aka "The Full House Daddies." 

"Cut the crap, Demetri! Where's the next shipment coming in?" Stamos yells in the scene. 

"I don't know what you're talking about, strangely young-looking man," Colbert says to Stamos. 

Watch the video below.