Stephen Colbert Revels in Emmy Win, Beating 'The Daily Show' (Video)

Colbert Report Emmy Win Segment - H 2013
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Colbert Report Emmy Win Segment - H 2013

On Sunday, The Colbert Report ended The Daily Show's decade-long run of winning Outstanding Variety Series at the Emmys.

Stephen Colbert, who has reveled in his past Emmy wins and bemoaned his losses as his character on The Report, unsurprisingly devoted the opening segment of his first new show since the awards to his victory and vanquishing of Jon Stewart.

"As Mother Teresa once said, 'It's not enough to win. Others must lose,'" the host said on Tuesday night, after triumphantly pulling out his two Emmys and planting them on his desk.

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"It's true, folks. I ended Jon Stewart's 10-year reign of terror," Colbert added after showing a clip of an E! News report about the significance of his show's big win.

He then called Stewart on his Emmy phone (a gold phone with wings like those on the trophy) to "wish him a sincere 'bite me,'" only to have Stewart walk in from a side door.

Stewart then praised Colbert and his show, insisting that he and his staff were nothing but happy for his friend's win, much to Colbert's chagrin.

"Jon, why can't you just be upset, OK? I mean, it is really important to me that I have crushed you," Colbert said, sounding choked up.

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But Stewart revealed he couldn't be upset about Colbert ending his 10-year winning streak because he won an 11th Emmy himself by virtue of being an executive producer on Colbert's show, something Colbert had also mentioned backstage at the Emmys.

After some mock fighting (with Colbert shouting, "Damn you, Jon Stewart!" and Stewart dancing around with an Emmy), the two pals couldn't hide their joy and hugged.

As he left, Stewart, who earlier mentioned that Colbert was listed as the emergency contact on his gym membership, said, "Seriously, If I do get hurt at the gym, I am calling you."

On his show, Stewart also praised Colbert and his staff for their win, saying their victory was "well deserved" and "long overdue."

"I have been in awe of that show since episode one. I believe that Stephen and everyone over there has created something that has never before been seen on TV," said Stewart. "Things happen on that show that could only happen on that show and they are remarkable."