Stephen Colbert Rips CNN for Democratic Debate Reporting: "Up-to-the-Minute Fan Fiction"

Late Show Debate Still - H 2015

Stephen Colbert doesn't appreciate CNN's speculation on whether Joe Biden might be a last-minute drop-in for Tuesday's Democratic debate.

On Monday's Late Show, the host mocked the cable news network after showing a clip in which CNN correspondent Jim Acosta said it would be a "fascinating" development if Biden decided to run in time to discuss the issues with candidates including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at Tuesday's event, which is airing on CNN. 

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"It would be fascinating political television, and it's a great new strategy for cable news — describing things more compelling than what you're watching now," Colbert quipped. He then suggested a potential tagline for the network: "CNN: It could get interesting."

"Jim Acosta has a good point: Could Joe Biden fly to Vegas, put on his aviator sunglasses and stride into the room?" Colbert offered, showing doctored images of Biden and Acosta together. "Could he then make eye contact with a certain reporter? Could they end up chatting and getting along, going out for beers afterward, realizing they have a ton in common and before they even know it, the sun's coming up and they've talked all night? Could Biden then ask, 'You ever think about reporting from space?' Could he then send that reporter up in a rocket to become the first reporter ever to win a Pulitzer Prize on the moon? That would totally shake up the campaign." 

Colbert continued: "And as long as we're reporting breaking, up-to-the-minute fan fiction, why not speculate on other exciting, potential candidates? Could Paul Ryan unexpectedly switch parties, rappel down from the ceiling and start debating Bernie Sanders?"

The Late Show host also suggested that another possible candidate at the debate could be "a bizarro-world Donald Trump, who has a comb-over goatee and wants to round up everybody in Mexico and kick them into the United States."

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