Stephen Colbert Sells 'Colbert Report' Props, Michael Stipe at Yard Sale

Stephen Colbert Yard Sale Still - H 2014
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Stephen Colbert Yard Sale Still - H 2014

The Colbert Report's last episode airs Thursday night, and ahead of Stephen Colbert's farewell to his conservative character, everything must go.

The Comedy Central star has raffled off his desk and fireplace for charity, but he was willing to accept a lot less for many of the show's props — as in: $1.

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Colbert set up a yard sale at his Colbert Report studios and sold off a spray bottle of ass juice, brass balls, Beatles figurines, a bald eagle statue, Vacsa-ginia Slims, his White House Correspondents' Dinner speech and an iPad mini, most of which he offered for a dollar. (But one man who tries to pay with a credit card seems to be getting more than he bargained for.)

Sadly, though, it doesn't look like there were any takers for his "one-of-a-kind Michael Stipe, who has been sitting on my shelf over there for three years," and who the host marked down to $0.25 after Stipe wouldn't sell for a dollar.

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