Stephen Colbert Shows Hillary Clinton How to Eat in Front of Press, Impersonates Bill Clinton

The 'Late Show' host interviewed the Democratic presidential candidate at the Carnegie Deli.
Courtesy of YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Just hours before Tuesday's New York primaries, Stephen Colbert's Late Show, returning after a week off, aired an interview the host conducted with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton at the Carnegie Deli.

Colbert mostly avoided pressing Clinton on serious issues and didn't bring up her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders. But the sit-down was still entertaining, mostly due to Colbert's impromptu impression of the candidate's husband and former president, which Hillary Clinton indicated she approved of, and a couple of sight gags at the end.

And Clinton was able to get in some campaigning. Colbert brought up the likely Republican opposition that would exist if she won the election, but Clinton indicated she could still work with them and get things done.

"When I actually have a job as opposed to run for a job, I actually get things done with the Republicans," Clinton said. "I did as First Lady, as Senator, as Secretary of State."

Colbert: "You think they would work with you?"

Clinton: "Of course they would. Absolutely."

Colbert also brought up Clinton's memorable moment at Junior's when she declined to eat any cheesecake but photographers caught her eyeing the dessert.

She said she didn't want to eat in front of the press for fear they'd get an unflattering photo.

"They could get a funny shot. Something could drop out of your mouth, you could smear your face. Anything that makes you look silly," Clinton said.

Colbert then offered to teach her how to "eat cheesecake without looking silly." But after he shaved off a bit of the dessert with a fork, he picked up the cake in his hand and took a huge bite, trying to talk with food in his mouth.

Clinton laughed as Colbert insisted, "This is humanizing! People love this!"

He also pretended to run out and leave her with the check.

Watch the full interview below.