Stephen Colbert on Sister's Election Loss: 'Tonight, I Am Angry' (Video)

Stephen Colbert South Carolina - H 2013

Stephen Colbert didn't try to hide any disappointment on Wednesday after his sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, lost to ex-governor Mark Sanford in South Carolina's special congressional race a day prior. 

"Tonight, I am angry. And, for once, that doesn't make me happy," Colbert announced. 

STORY: Mark Sanford Defeats Stephen Colbert's Sister in Congressional Election 

"My sister lost. How could this happen? I was so sure Lulu had won because CNN called it for Sanford," he opined, needling the cable news network for its recent blunders. 

Colbert also decided to switch his allegiance from South Carolina to North Carolina in light of the election results.

"I'm a Tar Heel now, whatever the f--k that means," he quipped.