Stephen Colbert Spoofs Herman Cain's Goldfish Ad (Video)

The satirist takes a look at his former campaign partner's latest bizarre video, and makes one of his own.

For Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain is the gift that keeps on giving.

The late night host spent months mocking Cain, a businessman and former GOP presidential candidate, and then appeared with him at a rally in South Carolina back in January. And while the Republican contenders still in the race have given him plenty of material to work with, Colbert jumped at the chance to flex his creative muscle when Cain reemerged with a new -- and unusual -- commercial.

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Employing a dying goldfish, a little girl and Highlander-esque man on a mountain shot, Cain's video attacks the economic stimulus that was rushed to save the economy in early 2009. Highlighting and one-upping various cable news hosts' earnest attempts to describe the spot as a quasi-art film, Colbert gave his own analysis of the piece (which sounds like it was taken from a film school student's thesis) and then presented his own, even more apocalyptic advertisement.

Included are a fierce little girl, an old man in drag, an Orwellian grandmother and Colbert, peeing off a mountain and into a hazy, wasted, bombed out steppe horizon. 

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