Stephen Colbert Stars in Mock 'Lord of the Rings' Spinoff in 'Late Show' Sketch

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Mountain Snow - Publicity - H 2019
Keith Zubrow/CBS

During the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's tour of New Zealand, host Stephen Colbert took a fantasy detour to the shire to meet up with director Peter Jackson, who has helmed The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series.

Last year, Colbert interviewed New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and was invited to visit the country with the promise of becoming an official citizen of Hobbiton, the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit set in New Zealand. The late-night host had happily accepted but until now, had not made the trek overseas.

On Wednesday's episode, Jackson invited Colbert to his studio in Wellington where the two discussed the late-night host's six-second cameo as a Lake-town spy in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

"You took it more seriously than I thought you would," Jackson told Colbert. "I thought you took it more seriously than any actor in the film."

Discussing Colbert's infamous facial expression, Jackson quipped that "people say lines and they can walk around but to just do that, that's an actor using the costume in an emotional way." 

Eager to continue his character's story, Colbert suggested he have his own series of trilogies in which he's a "slightly hotter twin brother" to Viggo Mortensen's Aargorn, named Darrylgorn.

When asked if he would want to direct a film with Colbert, Jackson bluntly said "no" but changed his answer after Colbert offered him gratuities for a cameo. "I might have a little bit of time as long as we can shoot fast," Jackson quipped. 

To further make his argument, Colbert also previewed a mock trailer for his film described as the "real saga" about the "greatest warrior" ready to "save the middle earth." 

Throughout the trailer, Colbert's character, donning long brown hair and facial hair, is shown in various scenes with popular characters from the trilogy including Mortensen's Aragorn, Orlando Bloom's Legolas and Ian McKellen's Gandalf. Jackson also makes an appearance as a servant to Colbert's Darrylgorn. 

At the end of the trailer, McKellen, Mortensen and even Elijah Wood are promoted as making their returns to the franchise, but Wood was the only one to agree to actually join the film. 

"Stephen, stop sending these camera guys after me all over the world. No, I can't do it. You keep harassing me, I'm going to have to send my lawyers," Mortensen yells to the camera to warn Colbert. 

Colbert's love of the Lord of the Rings franchise has been well-documented on the show, including laying across the lap of Liv Tyler, who played elvish princess Arwen in the films, as she brandished her Ringwraith-slaying sword Hadhafang in a past sketch on the show.