Stephen Colbert, Steve Martin Sing Duet About Being Best Friends

Martin explains the difference between TV friends and real friends.
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Stephen Colbert, Steve Martin on 'The Late Show'

Stephen Colbert really values his "TV friendships." 

Sitting on a log in the "forest," the late-night host and the comedian-turned-banjo player sang about friendship to open Tuesday night's Late Show

"Sometimes I just need to get away from show biz, you know?" said Colbert. "You want to sing a song about friendship?” 

"Am I?!” Martin confusedly responded. 

Lyrics to their fun song included the informational, “We’re two best friends sitting in the forest," and Colbert's conclusive, “That’s why I love my best friend Steve."

But things took an awkward turn when Martin sang, “That’s why I love my best friend ... Gary."

When Colbert asked him to explain, Martin kindly told the host, “Sorry, we’re just not friends. We’ve met, like, twice. TV friends isn’t the same as being real friends — I think of you as an acquaintance”

But Colbert was came around. “You know what, Steve?! I’m beginning to really like this Gary."