Stephen Colbert Visits Jimmy Fallon, Talks Sendak, Super Pac and Children's Book (Video)

Colbert Fallon H 2012

It was two after-hours hosts for the price on Friday, as Stephen Colbert took to the very comfortable guest's chair on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

It was a bit unusual to see the Comedy Central stalwart cracking jokes late at night not in his satirical arch-conservative persona, but he had business to attend to: promoting his DIY Super Pac kit (and the treasure map contained therein) as well as his new children's book, I am a Pole (And so Can You)

First, though, the pair had to determine the state of their relationship; they had been BFFs (Best Friends Forever) for six months, then eternal enemies for another six, but their pre-determined period of antagonism had expired by the time Colbert visited on Friday. From the looks of it, they're back to being pals.

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Colbert, whose own Super Pac has raised well over $1 million, has long touted his starter Pac for college kids, which allows them to form their own unlimited donation political action committee -- it's as easy as signing one piece of paper -- but he brought out newer twist: the treasure map. Unfurling a convoluted, pop culture-marked map of the United States, Colbert offered a path to finding a very rare and valuable sterling silver turtle to the 1000 people who bought his Super Pac fun pack. His one hint? It's not in Manhattan Beach, New Jersey.

As for his children's book, Colbert showed off his blurb from the late author Maurice Sendak, whom he famously interviewed earlier this year (and paid tribute to earlier this week). Sendak, no fan of celebrity-authored children's books, gave his grudging approval of Colbert's, which is about a pole who can't figure out just what kind of pole he is meant to be. 

A ski pole? A stripper pole? One has to read to find out (spoiler: it's not a stripper pole).