Stephen Colbert's $1 Million Offer to Donald Trump Passes Deadline (Video)

The Colbert Report Donald Trump Announcement - H 2012
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The Colbert Report Donald Trump Announcement - H 2012

Donald Trump has dropped the ball.

The brash billionaire made a very public promise last week that he would donate $5 million to charity if President Obama showed him his college records and passport application; once Hurricane Sandy hit, he then said he'd donate the cash to relief efforts. In response, Stephen Colbert issued his own very generous offer: if Trump allowed him to place his testicles in his mouth, he'd donate $1 million of his own money to charity.

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Trump ended up extending the deadline of his offer, from October 31 at 5 p.m. to November 1 at noon; last night, Colbert followed suit, offering up more time for Trump to become his "scrotum holster."

As it turned out, the extra time was not enough; Trump did not open up for a good cause. Still, the whole charade did produce some solid television:

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