James Corden Pitches Sterling K. Brown, James Marsden for Next James Bond

James Corden's trio of guests on Wednesday's (June 6) episode of The Late Late Show — Sterling K. Brown, James Marsden and Brian Tyree Henry — channeled James Bond on the program.

Following Brown's introduction, a confused Henry opened the dressing room door before moving out of the way to show Brown in a suit and sunglasses. "I mean, look at this guy. Just the coolest man on the planet," said Corden as Brown took off his sunglasses. "I do what I do," responded Brown.

"Can I make a prediction here?" asked Corden. "Sterling K. Brown: James Bond. Am I wrong?"

Brown responded by putting his sunglasses back on and posing with his hands as guns.

Corden then introduced the "ever handsome, the beautiful, the wonderful" James Marsden. The actor then opened his dressing room door also wearing a pair of sunglasses and avoiding eye contact with the camera. "James Bond? Oh hey, what's up?" said Marsden.

"Scratch what I just said. James Bond. Am I right?" Corden asked the audience as he pointed to Marsden.

After Marsden scrunched his face and seriously stared at the camera, Corden asked, "Have you ever seen a James Bond film? That's not what he does."

"It's all Sterling. I can't compete with that," Marsden said. Following the host's request, Marsden then gave his best version of the famous line "Bond. James Bond."

Brian Tyree Henry was the final guest to open his dressing room door wearing sunglasses and looking confident. As Henry removed his glasses, Brown appeared behind his This Is Us co-star and nodded as the crowd cheered.

"Hang on. I made a huge mistake," said Corden. "Scratch what I just said. There's your James Bond, ladies and gentleman."