Steve Carell Prepares for Comedic Return in 'Saturday Night Live' Promo

Steve Carrell-'Beautiful Boy' premiere-Getty-H 2018
Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Steve Carell assured Saturday Night Live castmembers Aidy Bryant and Chris Redd that he is prepared to return to his comedic roots in a promo released Wednesday for his upcoming role as host.

"You're kind of like a serious actor now. Are you ready to do comedy again? Cause this is a comedy show," says Bryant in the video.

"Well, Aidy, I wouldn't worry because an actor prepares and I am an actor," he answers.

The promo then cuts to a dramatic clip of Carell preparing for his turn as host as he jots down jokes and laughs. "No!" he abruptly yells as he rips paper from a notebook.

He paces around his dressing room as he tries out jokes and makes faces in a mirror. The actor also reads a book titled Re-learning Comedy for Dramatic Actors.

Carell is later shown practicing a number of impressions, including one with a thick Italian accent and another from the film Midnight Cowboy in which he shouts, "Hey, I'm walking here."

Clearly frustrated, Carell crumbles up a piece of paper and throws it away. "I didn’t even write on that," he says.

After taking a deep breath, he assured the SNL co-stars that he is ready for his return to comedy. "I've been working, but I believe my instrument is ready," he tells Bryant and Redd.

"Great because we saved this idea just for you," says Redd. "You would play Dr. Farts."

Bryant adds, "But the cool thing is Dr. Farts can't stop burping."

A serious-looking Carell quickly breaks out into laughter and says, "It's good to be back."

Carell will host SNL on Nov. 17. Ella Mai will serve as the musical guest. Watch the full promo below.