Steven Tyler Sings National Anthem at AFC Championship Game (Video)

Steven Tyler National Anthem P 2012

The New England Patriots may have won their spot in the Super Bowl on Sunday by winning the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens 23-20, but singer Steven Tyler may have also won something – a spot on the list of failed Nation Anthem performances.

The American Idol judge, sporting his signature scarf -- this time with a sequined Patriots theme -- sung “The Star Spangled Banner” before the game. While fans at the stadium cheered on the Aerosmith frontman, others expressed some harsh criticism of the singer on the web.

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The AP wrote, “Let’s just say the rendition probably wouldn’t get him to Hollywood.” And Yahoo added: “He most definitely would not have made it to the next round on the show and I am sure Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson would have had some interesting words to say had he been singing in front of them.”

Tyler isn’t the first singer to have a tough time with the National Anthem. During this past baseball season, former American Idol contestant Scott McCreary flubbed the lyrics. And at least year’s Super Bowl, The Voice judge Christina Aguilera also tripped over the lyrics, later explaining that she got lost in the moment -- and lost her place in the song.

All eyes will be on the very first Idol winner on Super Bowl Sunday when Kelly Clarkson will take the stage to perform the National Anthem. Hopefully, she'll have an easier time than the Idol judge handling the arduous task of belting out the opening number for Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5.

Watch Steven Tyler’s performance below: