'Stitchers' Creator Previews ABC Family's New Drama: "It's Not Really a Procedural"

"It's all about relationships," creator Jeff Schechter tells THR of the new crime-solving drama.
Adam Taylor/ABC Family
A scene from Tuesday's 'Stitchers' premiere

ABC Family is trying its hand at procedurals.

Stitchers, which launches Tuesday on the cable channel, focuses on Kirsten (Emma Ishta), a college student who enters the minds of the deceased for a covert government operation.

Creator Jeff Schechter tells The Hollywood Reporter that the series manages to toe the line between the appeal of an NCIS-style procedural and the younger-skewing dramas that ABC Family is known for.

"It's a procedural, but it's not really a procedural; it's all about relationships," says Schechter. "[But] it's not really about that; there's also action to it. But it's also comedy, and it's also science fiction."

Schechter compares Kirsten to Pinocchio because she has trouble completely maturing. "She's this girl who, because of this condition that she has, she's emotionally unavailable," says Schechter. "[The Stitchers program] opens her up to an emotional world that she never knew that she could experience."

The showrunner calls the series a "crazy fun-house ride of a show" that gets off to an "explosive" start on the premiere. It should please fans of shows like Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters as well, as Kirsten and co-worker Cameron (Kyle Harris) share an undeniable attraction. Kirsten and Cameron soon will deal with the reappearance of Kirsten's ex.

Although Schechter is proud of the mysteries that the show explores, he maintains that the show's primary focus is on its human connections. "In the first season, we'll explore father-daughter relationships, we'll explore daughter-mother relationships, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, fiance relationships, failed-marriage relationships, protective relationships [and even] friendships that she never really had [before]," says Schechter.

Stitchers premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.