'The Strain' First Look: Corey Stoll Ditches the Wig

The Stain, Hair Split - H 2015

The Stain, Hair Split - H 2015

Wig Gate is officially over. At least, it will be in Sunday's episode of FX's The Strain. That's because, as seen in the photo above, Corey Stoll's Ephraim Goodweather character is ditching his luscious locks once and for all.

In the episode, Eph decides to go undercover in order to convince officials about what's going on in New York and how to beat it. To make his identity, Eph shaves his head, putting an end to the various blogs and articles about the controversial prop.

"Maybe nobody believed us but it really was our plan," showrunner Carlton Cuse says. "We knew Eph was going to be a fugitive and he was going to have to get himself out of New York City and disguise himself to do that."

Co-creator Guillermo del Toro explains that the whole reason they had the wig to begin with was to have somewhere to go. "If we needed to change his appearance because he needed to not to be recognizable, what do you do? Do you grow a ZZ Top beard?" he said. "We had huge conversations with Corey before he accepted the part."

Both writers believe the wig wouldn't have been a big deal had Stoll not seen a rise in popularity following his work in House of Cards. However because of that role, it was also important for them to make this character physically different. "We didn't want the audience to just jump in and say, 'Oh there's Peter Russo in a sudden vampire epidemic,'" says Cuse.

"Nobody noticed David Bradley’s mustache and beard that were done by the same hair people," adds del Toro. "Why? Because David Bradley’s capable of growing a mustache! So no one questions it."

The Strain airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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