'Stranger Things' Guide: The Definitive Resource for Season 2

Read the entirety of The Hollywood Reporter's coverage of the second season of the Duffer Brothers' series.
Courtesy of Netflix

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for season two of Netflix's Stranger Things.]

Have you finished watching the new Stranger Things yet? Great! Now go watch it again. We'll be here when you're all set.

Alright, welcome back! Two trips through the latest Upside Down passageway should do the trick for anyone looking to satisfy their Stranger Things fix. With all of season two's developments well and fully processed (bon voyage, Bob), surely it's time to move onto the next show of the moment, right?

Well, maybe not, at least not for everyone. Just as Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) couldn't let go of her need to achieve justice for Barb (Shannon Purser), so too are there Stranger Things fans who aren't ready to get back into Hawkins hibernation mode. Short of a third voyage through season two, how about this as an alternative: The Hollywood Reporter's extensive coverage of all things Stranger Things, including interviews with the cast and creators of the show, deep dives into some of the biggest revelations of the new season and throwbacks to what we knew before the season launched.

Behold, our entire collection of Stranger Things season two musings, separated into three helpful categories...

Before the Season
• The Duffer Brothers Talk Franchise Fears
• The Hawkins Party Previews a Scarier Season 2
• Producers on How Season 2 Both Heightens and Narrows the Scope
• 11 Things to Know Before Season 2
7 Predictions Before Season 2
• Binge-Watching Guide: The Best Way to Consume Season 2
• The Cast and Crew at the World Premiere

Within the Season
• How Season 2 Plays Out
How the Season Premiere Answers Eleven's Fate
• The Duffers Explain the Final Scene
A Closer Look at Will Byers' Transformation
How Season 2 Provides Justice For Barb
How Season 2 Expands its Upside Down Universe
A Tribute to Bob Newby, Superhero
How Season 2 Captures the Halloween Spirit
The Duffer Brothers Explain Eleven's Story
• Steve Harrington's Breakout Success Story
Every Season 2 Team-Up, Ranked
How Aliens Inspired Season 2
• Linnea Berthelsen on Becoming Kali
Dacre Montgomery on Becoming Billy
Sadie Sink on Becoming Max
• Fake Punks, Hook and 'The Lost Sister' Episode of Stranger Things

Beyond the Season
Every Episode So Far, Ranked
• 11 Burning Questions for Season 3
7 Predictions For Season 3
What's Next For Eleven?
• Forecasting the New Threats for Season 3

If you're through with all of that, and you're still hungry for more Stranger Things things? That's a tough one. Maybe try some nougat? 

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