'Stranger Things': Eleven Returns in Final Season 2 Trailer

"You should go now. It's almost here."

These aren't quite the final words featured in the final Stranger Things season two trailer — that distinction belongs to a great exchange between Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) about the coolest kid in school's weapon of choice — but they're close, and they're certainly among the wisest words in the nearly three-minute look at the next iteration of the Netflix series.

In essence: Stranger Things arrives in two weeks, and given how much is glimpsed in the new trailer, it might be worth holding out for 14 days in order to press on without too much knowledge of the future.

This is the part where Dustin, Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) come in to point and laugh in our faces, by the way. Of course we're all going to watch the new Stranger Things trailer, because it's amazing and we're all powerless to resist the veritable gravitational pull of the Upside Down.

The final trailer for Stranger Things season two reveals, among other things, our best look yet at Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), last seen disappearing into thin air after confronting the dreaded Demogorgon at Hawkins High. In the first scene of the trailer, she's seen again, finding Eggo waffles in a secret stash in the woods. What's happening next with her is anyone's guess, but it's clear that the psychically powered breakout of season one is very much still in the picture.

Also still in the picture: remnants of the Upside Down, the nightmare world that sucked Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) into its vortex at the very start of the series. Will is back in Hawkins as of the end of season one, but it looks like he's brought some monsters back with him, based on the glimpses of a nefarious shadow in the sky that's looming large over all of the cast.

Speaking of the cast, the vast majority of them are gathered together by the end of the trailer, boasting whatever weapon they can get their hands on — actual guns for the adults in the room like Jim Hopper (David Harbour), slingshots for kids like Lucas... and here's hoping Eleven and her heady superpowers aren't too far behind.

Stranger Things season two bows in its 9-episode entirety on October 27.