Study: Fall's Most Anticipated New Shows Revealed

Fans are eagerly awaiting reboots "Charlie's Angels" and "Prime Suspect" as well as J.J. Abrams' "Person of Interest" this fall.
Nathan Bell/ABC
Charlie's Angels

If you believe Tivo's latest study, viewers are clamoring for ABC's Charlie's Angels reboot. 

According to the study of Tivo users, NBC's Maria Bello vehicle Prime Suspect and CBS' JJ Abrams thriller Person of Interest outrank big budget efforts Terra Nova and Pan Am to tie as the second most anticipated new series of the fall.

Among the returning crop, top rated NCIS came in above a rebooted CSI --now starring Ted Danson-- as the drama viewers are most looking forward to reengaging with this season. On the comedy side, Modern Family outpaced an Ashton Kutcher-led Two and a Half Men as the most anticipated comedy.

Fortunately for Men's new star, 35 percent of the study's respondents say Kutcher is the comedic actor they're most looking forward to watching this fall. Up All Night's Will Arnett  garnered 11 percent of those votes, placing him at No. 2 ahead of bold face names including Tim Allen, Hank Azaria and Christina Applegate.

As far as genres go, nearly one third of Tivo's respondents said they will be watching crime dramas this fall, with another 22 percent acknowledging that they can't get enough reality TV. Interestingly, when asked to define guilty pleasure television, the leading response was the crime dramas (reality placed third behind sitcoms). 

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