Style Network Announces Documentary Series, 'Style Exposed'

Baring It All Portrait 2011
Ben Wolf

Baring It All


The Style Network is taking a serious turn from its celebrity reality show slate with its newly announced documentary series, Style Exposed. The series will feature docs on a wide range of topics and trends that the network feels will resonate with its core female audience.

“With this new documentary initiative, we hope to explore issues and topics that are often overlooked or misrepresented in the mainstream media but are important to our female viewers,” says SVP of Programming & Aquisitions Katie Buchanan. “Each installment will speak directly to Style’s core audience of young women, presenting them with engaging, informative and sometimes controversial subject matters that we hope will challenge them to understand a different point of view.”

Here’s the current slate for Style Exposed via the network's press release:

"Baring It All" premieres Saturday, July 9 at 9p
This heart-wrenching yet inspiring documentary puts a human face on the heroism of breast cancer survivors in their 20s and 30s.  It follows New York-based fashion photographer David Jay and four brave women – all in different stages of battling the disease – who become subjects of his groundbreaking photographic series, The Scar Project.  By photographing each woman in various states of their treatment and recovery, the nude portraits – that expose more than their scars and baldness – are beautiful, challenging and powerful.  Along with exploring the lives of these young females and their new reality, “Baring It All” shows the impact cancer has had on them and their loved ones and answers what drives them to be photographed at their most vulnerable.  Having already gone through such pain and anguish, why are they now revealing themselves to the world in such an honest, raw way?  As viewers will discover, the answers to these questions are as unique and brave as the women in the photographs.

“Born Male, Living Female” premieres Saturday, July 16 at 9p
This documentary takes an in-depth look at the fascinating, complicated lives of four male-to-female transgender individuals living in New York City.  Set against a backdrop of a world slow to grasp the changing transgender landscape, these courageous and determined women bravely challenge the status quo in their pursuit of the American dream.  Running the gamut of professions, from model, to musician, to fashion executive, to counselor and to escort, each woman will confront and hopefully, overcome a variety of personal issues – identity, sexuality, love, surgery, career and discrimination.  ”Born Male, Living Female” gives viewers an uncensored peek into a group of individuals facing the ultimate transformation and defying the rules yet longing to be welcomed unconditionally by society.

Single with 7” premieres Saturday, July 23 at 9p
Being a working single mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world.  But when you have seven children – ages 7 to 17 – to care for while juggling a high profile and demanding career, can this be an impossible task?  In this moving documentary, Style viewers will follow Yesi Ortiz, a determined single mom and popular Los Angeles-based disc jockey for Power 106FM.  At age 25, Yesi’s life dramatically changed when her sister became embroiled in legal problems and was sent to jail.  As a result, Yesi fought for years to adopt her seven nieces and nephews and finally was granted custody in 2009.  Today, she struggles to balance her thriving radio career with raising her adopted children while trying to manage her complex personal life.  ”Single with 7” is an incredible look into one woman’s selfless journey to provide the best home and example for her seven adopted children.