'Suburgatory': Alan Tudyk on Noah's Romantic Failures and the Dangers of Rebounding

Suburgatory Episodic Alan Tudyk - H 2013
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Suburgatory Episodic Alan Tudyk - H 2013

Poor Noah.

Not only was the Chatswin father rejected by Carmen, of all people, on Suburgatory, he and his young son Opus have taken up shop in a luxurious hotel in an attempt to right the ship. Things get so bad that the town moms corner Noah's buddy George for a faux intervention.

As Alan Tudyk tells it, Noah's romantic downfall was a highlight to play. "To see him fall head over heels in love with someone, go for it and then get shot down was fun -- to be a genuine loser," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "He lost out, but not because he was a bad guy, he just lost."

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Tudyk talks to THR about Noah's post-Carmen blues, the dangers of rebounding and what the rest of the season has in store.

The Hollywood Reporter: Noah has been lacking in the romance department as of late, especially last week when he unsuccessfully tried to woo Carmen.

Alan Tudyk: I loved it. There isn’t a lot of romance in his life. To see him fall head over heels in love with someone, go for it and then get shot down was fun -- to be a genuine loser. He lost out, but not because he was a bad guy, he just lost. He tried his best and fell for the wrong woman. It was a little endearing.

THR: The costume Noah wore was pretty spectacular.

Tudyk: To dress like a hot sauce mascot is always good.

THR: Now he’s down and out.

Tudyk: Like any down-and-out single person, he moves into the most expensive hotel there is and is raising his son. He shares custody with his wife, while they’re figuring out the divorce, but he’s living in luxury -- until he gets ejected. He’s rebounding all over the hotel and has to leave – because it’s causing problems. He ends up doing some couch surfing. George gives him some advice, too.

THR: Who does he try to pick up at the hotel that causes him to get kicked out?

Tudyk: All of the Carmen-like people. Anybody who looks like Carmen, anybody who resembles Carmen who’s in the service industry – and actively servicing him and his son. [He] mistakes [them] for someone he can love.

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THR: How does he justify that?

Tudyk: He is confused. He’s been in a long relationship with a woman who is frigid, heartless and stern. That’s what he liked in Carmen; she was caring, nurturing, voluptuous and a woman. His wife had a weird almond-only diet. He’s leaning towards the nurturing woman figure. Any woman who has that nurturing, caring side – whether it be caring for him and giving him turn-down service, or caring for him and delivering his room service, or cleaning the room – he mistakes for love. He goes after a few different ladies.

THR: What was that experience like, sort of taking on a model role for the day in the "Decemberfold" episode?

Tudyk: It was great. The main thing I learned was playing someone who is being sexually exploited or physically exploited is a very similar thing. The line between playing it and being it is tough to figure out. They put me in a Speedo, like, "You’re going to wear this." I tried on the Speedo, and they said "Yeah, that’s way too big." Not in size – it fit me -- it was just too much material. They started shrinking it down, cut an inch off the top, up in the crotch. I love any episode that has Jeremy [Sisto] and Chris [Parnell] and together. We’re competing in this [episode] to be the sexiest man in Chatswin. The December fold, the centerfold of the calendar. The photographer in town, Jarrison – an odd little man – is in charge of photographs. He’s the one saying, "Put your hands in his hair." It’s freakish and very funny.

THR: Was seeing Chris Parnell in the Titanic pose one of those surreal moments?

Tudyk: That was awesome. His character [Fred] – whenever we’re in the steam room or the locker room, and we’re in towels or robes, or anything like that – just likes to be naked. "Is this a privates party?" [He] loves showing off. He feels very comfortable with his body, and actually, Chris feels very comfortable in the nude thong. It’s always hysterical whenever Fred Shay gets to be sexual.

THR: As we near the end of the season, where does Noah end up?

Tudyk: Noah’s main thing, throughout the season, has been figuring out his feelings for Carmen. From the very beginning, he was battling Dallas (Cheryl Hines) to get Carmen to be his nanny. She gets taken away from Noah. Noah is really immature and so, he plots revenge on Dr. Bob. He’s not done with Dr. Bob. He’s heartbroken. It stinks that Carmen has chosen Bob; it’s Bob’s fault. He did break his trust. He has to get back at Bob.

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