'Suburgatory' Boss Calls Alicia Silverstone's Storyline 'Fun,' Yet 'Heartbreaking' (Exclusive Video)

Clearly, fans were excited about the prospect of ABC’s Suburgatory bringing Clueless cast mates Jeremy Sisto and Alicia Silverstone back together – and this time the boy gets the girl.

“It’s really fantastic,” series creator Emily Kapnek tells The Hollywood Reporter of Silverstone. “I think that they have incredible chemistry. I don’t think that’s gone. I think it’s there. It’s right on screen. It’s really fun to see. I think this is a very grown up and unusual situation and storyline that we’re playing out with them, though. So, that part of it has been really fun.”

VIDEO: 'Suburgatory': Alicia Silverstone's Arrival 'Upsets a Few People,' Says Jeremy Sisto

As viewers found out last week, George’s (Sisto) relationship with Eden (Silverstone) complicates things with Noah (Alan Tudyk) as she’s carrying his and his wife’s baby.

“I think there has been a lot of surprise in terms of who she’s playing and how George handles it and the complication that arises in his relationship with Noah, vis-à-vis their relationship. It’s been really cool,” Kapnek says.

That’s just the first complication Eden and George’s romance presents. There’s still a matter of a recently divorced Dallas (Cheryl Hines) to contend with. And Dallas-George ‘shippers may be frustrated for several episodes as that conflict unfolds.

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“It’s heartbreaking. It’s really sad,” Kapnek says. “Dallas is dating. He figures in his mind, ‘Well, I guess this is not maybe what I thought it was’ and allows himself to fall for this woman. My favorite parts of that storyline are watching Dallas process that. It’s really sad. It’s really sad in a great way.”

That sadness isn’t lost on Hines who Kapnek says brings some great acting to the storyline, especially after George breaks it to her that things are getting serious with Eden.

“When we had our table read Cheryl did such a great job,” the showrunner says. “She’s just like, ‘Oh,’ just this one little ‘Oh’ and everyone was like, ‘Oh, so sad.’ "

Of course, Kapnek has already shared her plans for George and Dallas’ romance with THR, but says, “I think it’s one of those kind of rich areas and very human and very real. The idea being, not to string viewers along too much because it is frustrating to watch the 'will they, won’t they, will they, won’t they.' We want there to be enough progress, but also just real complications that come.”

Suburgatory airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC. Watch THR's preview from this week's episode above as worlds collide around Eden.

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