'Suburgatory' First Look: The Men Get Naked for a Chatswin Cause (Exclusive Photos)

THR debuts four images from the April 3 episode, which sees George (Jeremy Sisto), Fred (Chris Parnell) and Noah (Alan Tudyk) posing in their underwear.
"Suburgatory's" Jeremy Sisto

How about this for a Friday afternoon treat?

On the April 3 episode of ABC's Suburgatory, appropriately titled "Decemberfold," the men of Chatswin take it all off for the town's "Dads of Chatswin" calendar. But when George (Jeremy Sisto) agrees to participate, he becomes obsessed with his body image, alienating Dallas (Cheryl Hines) in the process.

In four photos, exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, it's clear they get a little too into the photo shoot -- all while in their skivvies.

In one of the images, George is seen basking in the presence of sausages, while in another photo, Fred (Chris Parnell) splays out on a lush couch.

Another photo shows a lighter side, with George, Fred and Noah (Alan Tudyk) getting in touch with their inner child -- all in front of a fake background of a fake beach.

Will you tune in?

Suburgatory airs at 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays on ABC.

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