'Suburgatory': Jeremy Sisto on Gift Mishaps, Posing Nude and a Possible End to a Romance

Suburgatory Decemberfold Sausage - P 2013

Suburgatory Decemberfold Sausage - P 2013

On Suburgatory, there's never enough comedy.

For the unlikely romance between George (Jeremy Sisto) and Dallas (Cheryl Hines), the challenges of their differing viewpoints and beliefs on life continue to serve as a focal point in the next batch of episodes.

"They continue to have to prove to each other that they can live in each other's worlds and that they can combine their aesthetics and versatile lifestyle choices to create something that is workable for both of them. A lot of comedy comes from that," Sisto tells The Hollywood Reporter.

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The next episode sees Dallas attempting to give George the perfect present: a guitar. "But it's the ugliest thing George has ever seen," Sisto says with a laugh. Meanwhile, George's daughter, Tessa (Jane Levy), hits the ball out of the park with his birthday present, causing Dallas to feel hurt. "There's deeper insecurity that is again ignited where Dallas thinks George will never love her as much as his ex-wife [Alex]," he says, "and there may be a feeling of that for George, but he doesn't care about that."

In another episode, George finds himself taking part in a "Dads of Chatswin" calendar, along with buddies Fred (Chris Parnell) and Noah (Alan Tudyk). To say George gets into it is an understatement. (THR debuted four images from the episode, "Decemberfold," on March 15.) "George really gets caught up in it and wanting to do it better than everyone else," Sisto says.

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Filming the episode, however, was another story. It certainly wasn't fun, though the images suggest the characters were in a more joyful mindset. "I wouldn't say it was fun," Sisto says with a laugh, "dressing in Speedos, wiggling your ass in front of a crew that's become family. It's a funny episode. It was worth me putting an apron with nothing else on and posing with a bunch of sausages just to get to see Chris Parnell on the couch doing the same pose Kate Winslet did in Titanic naked."

As Sisto tells it, the dust won't settle any time soon between George and Dallas. With any new relationship, "anyone can pull the plug at any time and it's off," he says. "There's an underlying neuroses of that, and I think Dallas is especially susceptible."

The likelihood of George and Dallas ending on a good foot by the end of the season seems slim. "It doesn't end well for them. The season ends with the relationship seeming like it's going to be done," Sisto says, before adding that he isn't sure "how it's going to move on next season."

Suburgatory airs at 9:30 p.m. Wednesdays on ABC.

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