'Suburgatory' Co-Stars Tease 'Sweet' Dallas-George Moments, Barely-There Outfits and Epic Dance-Offs

Suburgatory 'Homecoming' Episodic - H 2012

Suburgatory 'Homecoming' Episodic - H 2012

Chatswin's back!

Suburgatory launches its sophomore run on ABC, and get ready for more suburban hijinks because the new season doesn't let up with the crazy. Though last season had its fair share of jaw-dropping moments, the second season will up the ante, series star Cheryl Hines (aka Dallas Royce) promises.

"This season, when you're angry with someone, you can really be angry or in love or whatever it is," she told The Hollywood Reporter. Hines' on-screen daughter Dalia, played by the deadpan Carly Chaikin, echoed that sentiment: There's "freedom now to really explore these crazy situations." One of which includes Dallas and Dalia living out of their cars. (Yes, for real.) As Hines and Chaikin tell it, that won't be all the Royces will be dealing with. Among other "issues": divorce, racy seduction techniques and a surprising romance.

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Hines and Chaikin give THR the lowdown on the season two moments to look out for, including their most absurd (and barely there) outfits; Dallas' attempt at winning George (Jeremy Sisto) over; the arrival of Tessa's mother (guest star Malin Akerman); and showcase just why they're the funnest mother-daughter pair on television.

The Hollywood Reporter: Now that we all know the world of Chatswin, how different will this season be compared to last year?

Cheryl Hines: Last season was the most challenging, for any series. You're introducing new characters, who they are, how each person fits in other people's lives. This season, we've already established that, so you'll get to see down and dirty what's happening. This season, when you're angry with someone, you can really be angry or in love or whatever it is. It's amped up because we know each other now.
Carly Chaikin: And have that freedom now to really explore these crazy situations. As Cheryl said, everyone is now familiar with who these people are. Season one was strong and kept getting better and better. Season two -- it's hard to be better -- but it's surprisingly is even better than it was. That's something I'm excited for people to see.

THR: What kinds of crazy situations do Dallas and Dalia find themselves in this season?

Chaikin: Crazy is like our middle name.
Hines: We do end up in a lot of "Lucy and Ethel" moments. At one point, we're in these weird goggles and shower caps and paper bikinis, and we're getting mud drizzled on us. And then we get our nails down -- with the mud on. At one point, we're living in our car. [Laughs] Things take a turn for the worse. Dallas is also trying to seduce George, really pulling out all the stops. Dalia is hooking up with somebody ...
Chaikin: Losing my mind a little bit.
Hines: Somebody she normally wouldn't hook up with. [Laughs] We get into some situations this season.

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THR: Basically what you're alluding to is a downward spiral for the Royce girls?

Hines: Dalia is. [Laughs] Dallas is going up.
Chaikin (to Hines): You have your crazy moments, though. You lose it a little bit. [Laughs] Dalia really is trying to keep her head above water.
Hines: The divorce is starting to affect her.
Chaikin: Which is fun, that we get to see another side to Dalia than what we saw in season one. It's this vulnerable, more human side to her, which for me was fun to explore. What does it look like for Dalia to be sad? [Laughs]

THR: Cheryl, you mentioned that Dallas will be trying her hardest to catch George's attention. Can you expand on that?

Hines: Let's just say there were crash mats involved -- and I'm being literal. It's very sweet because at some point, Dallas even tells George that all her life, guys have asked her out, asked her to marry them and she says yes, and when she saw George, for the first time in her life she said, "I want that one."
Chaikin: Can I just say, when I watched that scene, I actually teared up. It is so sweet. It is so sweet, it kills me.
Hines: Aw, that's sweet. There is a sweetness to the relationship because there are moments when George and Dallas do not make sense at all. I mean, most moments between George and Dallas don't make sense at all. [Laughs] But once in a while, there will be a second when they're on the same wavelength and it seems like, "Yeah, they have to be together!" It's up and down, I don't know what's going to happen.
Chaikin: Cheryl and Jeremy have such great chemistry too.
Hines: He's so cute. I'm telling you, every woman is going to be in love with Jeremy Sisto by the end of season two. The third episode in, forget about it.

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THR: Is there a scene that you both recently shot that you're psyched for people to see?

Hines: Well, [Dalia's] music video is going to be show-stopping. [Laughs]
Chaikin: Most recently, the last scene we filmed together was at a hip-hop class, where Dalia and Tessa have a dance-off, which leads to Cheryl and Jeremy having a dance-off as well.
Hines: I don't know if we're proud for people to see [that]. Here's the thing about it, I have to check my pride at the door. Before we open the studio soundstage door, we say, "OK .."
Chaikin: My dignity is long gone.
Hines: And then they put us in crazy outfits and make us sing and dance. [Laughs]

THR: What's the craziest outfit Dallas and Dalia will be seen in this season?

Hines: When Dallas is trying to seduce George, I'm in soooo little when I come down from the ceiling. It's amazing that I even was squeezed into that thing -- and then had a harness. It was a work of art.
Chaikin: My favorite for Dalia was her Halloween costume.
Hines: You couldn't sit down in it but you looked amazing.
Chaikin: We finally got an apple box for me to sit on because my dress wouldn't move.
Hines: It's interesting too when you go dark.
Chaikin: Dalia dyes her hair black, which was very fun for me, because naturally I have dark hair so it was nice to get back to my roots. No pun intended.

THR: And Malin Akerman is dropping by as Tessa's mother. What was it like working with her?

Hines: It was amazing casting because that storyline with Jane Levy is really touching and [at the same time] still funny. It really brings a different texture to the show.
Chaikin: They couldn't have picked a better person.

Suburgatory premieres at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on ABC.

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