'Suburgatory': Wilmer Valderrama on Yoni's 'Ridiculous Outlook' on Life

The former "That '70s Show" star talks to THR about returning to Chatswin and if George does have something to worry about. Plus, a sneak peek at Wednesday's episode.
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Yoni's back!

Wilmer Valderrama returns to Chatswin to reprise his role on Suburgatory and let's just say, not everyone is happy about the spiritual Guatemalan's drop by. Here's a refresher: Last season in "Fire With Fire," Yoni and Dallas (Cheryl Hines) were a little more than just friends.

When Dallas asks for Yoni's help with her dog, Yakult, who she believes is depressed, everyone is on the Yoni train -- except George (Jeremy Sisto). "He has a secret agenda and an ulterior motive as well, Valderrama told The Hollywood Reporter. From George's perspective, that secret agenda might be to get Dallas back.

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"When Yoni comes into town, George becomes very jealous and very territorial of all the groundwork that he's made [with Dallas]," Valderrama said, "specifically because Yoni seems to be younger, a little hipper and cooler, and he has a weird accent. The threat becomes a lot more real for George."

Yoni's entrance will make heads turn. "Everyone seems to be taken by his spiritual aura somehow and it influences everyone on some kind of level. Everyone in town definitely has a [crush] on Yoni," he said with a laugh. "We had a lot of fun with the dynamics, in how he influences people and changes people's lives with his ridiculous outlook on the spiritual journey."

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Whether Yoni and Dallas do progress in any significant way, at the behest of George, remains to be seen. As Valderrama explains it, Yoni has a hold that is one of his greatest perks. "The thing about Yoni is that he's so hypnotizing in the way he does his spiritual advising that you kind of have to believe him," he said, "because he might know something they don't."

Valderrama adds: "He gets away with a lot. This episode you'll see every character really question their own personal journey based on the bizarre ideas of Yoni."

The That '70s Show alum called Yoni's "mojo as a spiritual adviser" is explored more much more in his return episode. "We've been using that license to get things going and get things complicated for everybody else," he said.

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Suburgatory airs 9:30 p.m. Wednesdays on ABC.

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