Brian Cox's Media Mogul Wreaks His Revenge in 'Succession' Season Two Trailer

Brian Cox's media mogul Logan Roy is out for blood (again) in season two of Succession.

As a first-look trailer of the acclaimed HBO drama revealed on Wednesday, the upcoming season, premiering in August, will see onetime potential successor to Roy's entertainment conglomerate Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) licking his wounds after an unsuccessful attempted corporate takeover at the end of the first season, with his father lording his failure over him. "When did they first approach you?" Cox asks him. "Did it take long, or did you open your legs on the first date?"

"No, they took their time to persuade me to …" Kendall stutters.

"Betray me?" Cox replies. "Well, that's nice."

Additional footage shows Logan's son Roman (Kieran Culkin) and daughter Shiv (Sarah Snook), back in their father's graces, sneering at Kendall's new humility, and Kendall preparing for a TV interview. Logan encourages his family to "stick tight," presumably in the face of some new threat to his company's formidable money-minting capabilities and Shiv's husband, Tom (Matthew MacFadyen), back to joking-slash-torturing young Greg (Nicholas Bruan), Logan's great-nephew.

Created by Jesse Armstrong, Succession gained strong word-of-mouth over the course of its first season by ruthlessly parodying and lightly dramatizing the saga of an aging media mogul (a not-so-veiled portrait of Fox chief Rupert Murdoch, played by Cox) whose family of sycophants, social climbers and aspirants of other sorts go out of their way to get into his good graces, will and/or corner office chair. Though Kendall is considered the favorite to succeed his dad as the head of Waystar Royco, a series of events and familial drama conspires to throw Roman and Shiv into the mix and gets Tom and Greg excited about new professional possibilities.

As a recent tome-esque New York Times Magazine feature on Rupert Murdoch's succession battles noted, the Roy family patriarch shares many traits with the aging News Corp. owner: a battle between two sons to take over his empire; a sudden medical emergency throwing succession into question; a ruthless businessman who demands family loyalty but also harbors a tendency to cut family members, especially his children, down with a withering remark.

According to HBO, the second season will see the Roy family waging a new battle to retain control of Waystar Royco's assets, with a new threat to their empire coming from "the past." 

Watch the full trailer above.