'Suits' Finale: Louis Meets British Louis (Exclusive Video)

One Louis Litt is already enough, but two?

That's exactly the scenario that will play out in the second-season finale of USA's Suits. At a soiree, Louis (Rick Hoffman) approaches the bar, but before he can even order a drink, "British Louis" (guest star Adam Godley) cuts right in with his fancy order. So what does Louis do?

"Excuse me, Prince Charles!"

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But British Louis isn't about to succumb to Louis' demands. Instead he has a comeback of his own: "I'd stop standing there like some sort of baboon and order your Miller Lite ..."


The two then get into a heated conversation about mud, which as Louis says, is only used for "cleansing." This perks British Louis' ears up. "You mud?" British Louis inquires, suddenly interested. (And, by the way, British Louis does have a name: Nigel Alexander Nesbitt. How British is that!)

Are they bonding? Has Louis found a new ... friend? Maybe, maybe not. Watch what happens next.

Suits airs its season-two finale at 10 p.m. Thursday on USA Network.

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