'Suits' Post-Mortem: Creator Talks Season 2, Love Triangles and Trevor's Betrayal (Q&A)

Showrunner Aaron Korsh tells THR "there's no doubt" Mike's law career (and Harvey's) will be greatly affected in the new season.

It will be a long wait for Suits fans for any type of closure to what went down behind closed doors between Pearson Hartman boss Jessica (Gina Torres) and Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) former best friend Trevor (Tom Lipinski). Not only is Mike’s career on the line, but top Manhattan attorney Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) too. Viewers won’t know if Trevor ratted his buddy out for not having a law degree until next year, but at the moment, not even creator and newly-minted showrunner Aaron Korsh is 100 percent sure.

Korsh spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about where he sees next season going, new characters joining the mix and the real truth about Harvey’s hair.

The Hollywood Reporter: The season ended on a cliffhanger, with Trevor meeting with Jessica. Will next season's premiere take place right after?

Aaron Korsh: I haven’t landed on it yet. What I realize was that what I had wanted wanted to do for Season 2 was jump ahead and have Mike be a second year. Then I realized that we can’t do that; I don’t think it’s possible with the season finale because we need to address that. I don’t think we’ll jump ahead.There’s one way that I’m not entirely closed off to: You’ve jumped ahead into the future but you have to flash back and explain what happen. I don’t want to cheat people.

THR: Can it be assumed that Trevor ratted Mike out to Jessica or is that pushing it too far?

Korsh: Until we write that first one, I like to leave my options open. My inclination is that Trevor ratted him out. What I can guarantee doesn’t happen is, Trevor doesn’t all of a sudden say nothing or someone doesn’t come and tackle him before he gets to say anything. There’s no doubt he’s going to drop a bomb about Mike to some degree, but there’s more than one thing he can drop a bomb about.

THR: There was a pivotal scene in the finale, where Donna addressed why she stayed with Harvey all these years. Was that a seed planted for Season 2?

Korsh: Why she would stay, that’s an interesting question. Maybe there was a moment of temptation, but I feel like they didn’t succumb to it. We’re definitely going to explore their relationship more. I don’t know if it’ll be too much going backwards with them or going forward. She has this hesitation when she answers; it feels like there’s a story to be told about that.

THR: Is the world going to be expanded?

Korsh: I haven’t gotten into the specifics of exactly what we’re going to do in Season 2 but we obviously have a cliffhanger that we have to deal with. We need to expand the world, both within the firm and maybe outside of the firm also. We’re going to bring in one or two characters in the firm, just to freshen up or throw in a kink into the dynamics. And maybe somebody new from Mike and/or Harvey’s past.

THR: Was it a conscious decision to reveal Harvey’s past late into the season?

Korsh: That was something that we laid out at the beginning of the year. He’s the person that you want to slowly reveal things about because it would maintain his mystique. We ended up somewhat sticking to that. Next year, I want to reveal more about Harvey’s past, but also explore more of Mike’s that we haven’t seen yet -- maybe something with his parents. I’m [interested in] learning about Harvey’s past and family, but I don’t know if that necessarily means meeting them.

THR: How set in stone is Season 2?

Korsh: I have feelings in my gut but I like to let them sit for a while before I specifically start to say, “OK, we’re definitely going to do this” or “We’re definitely going to do that.” I have notions; there are a lot of notions. When you do map it out, it’s best to leave room to be fluid because when things happen during the course of the year that seems interesting or intriguing, you end up pursuing them.

THR: Can you talk specific moment during the season that represents that?

Korsh: We wanted to answer the question of why did Harvey hire Mike? We wanted to answer it and we never did. We had written episode [110] and it was about this guy that had lied on his resume and it was a resonant episode with Mike. After we wrote it, we were like, “Hey wait a minute, this would be an excellent opportunity to answer Mike to ask Harvey, ‘Why did you hire me?’ ” It organically came up in the rewrite process.

Louis and Donna’s relationship [came out of] episode 105. We finished shooting and we were a couple minutes short. We had to add a scene. We wrote it and it turned out amazing. Because of that, we added another Louis and Donna scene in 108 and we put one in the finale.

THR: Can you pinpoint a specific moment or episode that turned the tide?

Korsh: In 106, where Harvey and Mike work together to free a woman that Mike thinks is innocent, there’s a scene where they’re imitating Sylvester Stallone as Rocky. That was my first favorite scene of the year post the pilot. The scene was written to have them talk about how you stood up to the guy and then reference Stallone and Rocky. The imitation and what they did after it was not. Sometimes it’s the most natural-sounding thing they do because they’re literally thinking to say it in the moment like a person would.

THR: What challenges face you now that you’ll be the top guy next season?

Korsh: I feel like it was a team effort last year and I would give a tremendous amount of credit to [executive producer] Sean Jablonski for allowing me to feel like I was the top guy the whole year. It’ll feel like a natural transition. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m a little afraid of it.

THR: Who’s decision was it to change Harvey’s hairstyle?

Korsh: [Laughs] It’s a much talked about thing. Around episode 107, we got a note from Bonnie Hammer that she wanted to soften his hair. For a guy to be walking around in this day and age [with that hairstyle] is very bold, but the last four [episodes, the hair was great].

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