'Suits' Boss Offers Clues to Action-Packed Season 2 Finale

Suits Season 2 Finale War Episodic - H 2013
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Suits Season 2 Finale War Episodic - H 2013

With a merger about to close, the power is about to shift on Suits.

To put it simply, the season-two finale covers all the bases, with relationships and partnerships tested, a potential change in the Pearson Hardman hierarchy and an untimely romantic development.

"In the aftermath of the power vacuum, we had Hardman (David Costabile) gone and we had Harvey (Gabriel Macht) angling for getting his name on the door. Circumstances are such that here comes Darby angling for a merger with Jessica's firm," creator Aaron Korsh tells The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the finale. "This isn't a New York firm. He's coming in with soft touch and he's offering money and a merger, and Jessica (Gina Torres) needs to beat Hardman and she does. She takes the deal." But will the proposed merger ultimately go through?

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"We wanted to pay off the whole ousting of Hardman," Korsh adds. "We always knew we would have to answer whether Harvey was going to get his name on the door and how that was going to go down."

The battle for power over Pearson will come in the form of a bet. "Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey are on the same side, but it's Jessica who surprisingly puts Mike in between the two," Korsh says. "That's what we knew we wanted to build to."

Korsh breaks down some of the other plot points and answers some looming questions:

Will the merger go through? "You've got the merger on the table. Jessica has agreed to merge with Darby, and the reason she's done that is because, tactically, she needed to open up their books to [prove that] Hardman was embezzling and that he's not bound by the confidentiality agreement. Harvey's found out about the merger and he doesn't trust it because he doesn't trust Scottie (Abigail Spencer). It's never the full story with Scottie."

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Will Rachel go to Harvard? "We've discovered now that Rachel (Meghan Markle) did not get into Harvard, which I was surprised a lot of people were surprised about it because Rachel's a central part of the show and I don't want to send her off to Harvard but I'm glad that people were surprised. Not only did she not get in, but Louis (Rick Hoffman) fell on his sword and allowed her to believe because of him not because she wasn't good enough. Louis believes that it's his fault that she didn't get in. That plays out in the finale."

Is Scottie a good thing for Harvey? "We wanted the emergence of Scottie to shed light on Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey and their relationship, and where Harvey is with women and trust issues."

Is Katrina's presence a positive thing for Pearson? "Her coming on has led to Louis not being able to hire his first-year [associate], his fight with Katrina (Amanda Schull) and ultimately that leads to conflict between she and Mike. She ends up being a bit of an operator. Having her in episode 15 allowed Mike and Rachel's relationship to deepen a little more in their fight against Katrina. It allowed for the scene where Rachel says, 'Mike, I am a sure thing, right?' It was teasing out bringing them closer and bringing back their sexual tension. Katrina has served many purposes and will continue going forward."

Suits airs its second-season finale at 10 p.m. Thursday on USA. Check back after the finale following East Coast air for an in-depth chat with Korsh about what's next.

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