'Suits' Star Patrick J. Adams on Season 2, 'Goodfellas' and Playing a 'Rock Doofus'

Suits 2x01 Episodic Patrick Adams - P 2012
Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

[Warning: Mild spoilers.]

For Suits star Patrick J. Adams, getting his hands on the script for the season two premiere was the moment of truth.

Adams' alter-ego Mike Ross, the uninspired but brilliant mind hired by hotshot Manhattan attorney Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) to work at Pearson Hardman, spent the entirety of season one with a secret: That he, in fact, has no law degree. In the finale, best friend Trevor (Tom Lipinski) threatened to jeopardize Mike's good standing at the firm.

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"I was happy when I read the first episode because I think our show has been courageous and always jumps forwards in leaps and bounds," Adams tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I think some fans were worried that we were going to sneak away from what looked like was going to happen at the end of the first season. When I read the first episode back, I was happy that we hit the ground running and that none of the balls that we had up in the air we let fall."

Whether Mike's secret comes out or not, he is well aware of viewers' fears after a season of dancing around the elephant in the room.

"After the first season, I think a lot of fans were worried that the psyche of this whole show, would just be about me cross-dodging people and trying to keep the secret the whole time," Adams says. "The show is so much more than that."

The premiere features one of the more light-hearted jokes, a reference to Goodfellas, of the episode -- and it all came from the mind of series creator Aaron Korsh.

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"Part of the joke is that I’m probably the worst impressionist on the planet. The 'Where’s the money, Karen!' was something that I had done with the creator a bunch of times, so I would always change the name and scream 'Aaron! Aaron! Where’s the money, Aaron!' " Adams says of the comedic moment. "So he finally wrote it into the episode. It was nice to have that included."

The Canadian also reunited with filmmaker and previous Weather Girl collaborator Blayne Weaver in the indie 6 Month Rule, co-starring Weaver, Martin Starr and Natalie Morales. The film centers on a photographer Tyler (Weaver) who has a set of rules for his love life; Adams portrays the boyfriend of a woman Tyler is infatuated with.

Playing a "rock doofus who's trying to be a miniature rock god, at least in mind," was the type of role Adams would never be offered or even have a chance to read for. So when the opportunity came for him to jump on board, he had to take it.

One of the final scenes in the movie puts Adams, who has played guitar since 15 and "crash-coursed cello" for the part, in front of a crowd as his character plays a gig. It was one of the "great" moments of the film, Adams recalls.

Filming in Louisiana was also a unique experience. At one point, "we were the grand marshals of a Mardi Gras parade," he says. All thanks to the work of Weaver.

6 Month Rule is out in New York and Los Angeles theaters. Suits returns June 14 on USA Network.