'Suits' Goes Back to the Beginning in Season 6 Promo (Exclusive Video)

For five long seasons, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) broke the law by passing off young Mike as a bona fide attorney on USA Network’s Suits, when it reality he was nothing more than a smooth-talking messenger boy with a photographic memory.

Now thanks to a series-changing twist, Mike is finally ready to face the consequences of his long con after he took a two-year plea bargain in the fifth season finale. When the drama returns for season six on July 13, the boy wonder trades his expensively tailored suits for more standard, run-of-the-mill prison garb and a cleaner-cut hairstyle.

“We're coming back right where we left off,” showrunner Aaron Korsh previewed to THR in March. “We're coming back to the very night that we ended the episode on. The entire episode as is currently contemplated takes place with Mike's first night in prison and the first night back at the firm when they've come back and it's empty.”

In THR's exclusive preview for the season premiere, above, Mike is seen in prison before the video flashes back all the way to the character’s first encounter with Harvey from the pilot. Along the way, scenes demonstrating the compounded lies and their affects on the other characters also play out — most notably the situation with Rachel (Meghan Markle) and her wedding to Mike that wasn’t meant to be.

“I made a decision. I can’t go back in time and change it,” Mike admits in the voiceover.

“We're working out the season and how long Mike's going to be in prison, but as it currently stands, he's in prison for a while,” Korsh said following the finale. “We're trying to do something a little different and unexpected. It's more about him surviving and then he has a turn. There are a few twists and turns. But he's not a jailhouse lawyer, so to speak.”

Looks like some lies can’t be undone after all.

Suits returns Wednesday, July 13 to USA Network.

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